International Brass Band Summer School

Offering brass and percussion musicians an outstanding musical experience.

IBBSS Preview for 2023

The IBBSS looks forward to giving our guests a warm welcome. The quality of the faculty virtually ensures a high-octane adventure for everyone involved.  Located at University of Wales, Swansea, which overlooks the majestic panorama of Swansea Bay, all participants will be spoilt for choice both in the realm of music and holidaying options on offer.

As in any learning situation, the bottom line rests with the quality of the faculty, and in this case, it is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. Each member of the faculty is internationally renowned, not only for their musical and performance expertise but also their social skills, a consequence of a regular diet of globe-trotting, performing and conducting master-classes to people of all ages and abilities.

It was famously said of the Artistic Director, Dr. Nicholas Childs, that if he had played the cello rather than the euphonium, his name would have been Rostropovich. He is now perhaps more widely known as Artistic Director of the world-famous Black Dyke Band.

Meanwhile, the instrumental tutors represent the cream of Britain’s incredibly talented core of brilliant instrumentalists: the incredible Tom Hutchinson from The Cory Band,  Daniel Thomas, Richard Marshall and Brett Baker from Black Dyke, Freelance soloist Owen Farr and Gary Curtin from the Fodens Band. Under their expert tutelage you will be given the opportunity to explore new repertoire, meet new friends and generally have a fantastic time.


For those applicants who possess an overwhelming desire to seriously improve their all-round playing skills and musical understanding, then, without doubt, they have chosen wisely, for the fixed intention is to provide them with a learning experience of a lifetime, whilst still allowing time and space for holiday fun. If the aim is to balance a general improvement in overall playing standards with making new like-minded friends, whilst enjoying a little more time in the sun amidst great surroundings, then look no further. In short, everyone enrolled in the summer course will be able to design a great banding holiday with precisely as much music making as is desired. The International Brass Band Summer School also caters for non-participating and non-residential visitors. For those who want to brush up on their brass band skills whilst their partners soak up the sun in a sublime environment, rest assured, this will resemble Christmas in the summer.

World-class teachers

We work with some of the tutors in the world, as well as other leading educationalists.

Unrivalled opportunities

We offer the very best performance, educational and social opportunities for our delegates.

Lifelong friendships

Our inspirational courses support the development of new friendships with amongst people with a shared love of music & brass.

Iconic location

Our course takes place in an iconic UK destination, with so many exciting things to do and see in the area! Not to mention the exceptional course venue facilities.

Star Studded Line-Up for Swansea ...

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Our IBBSS news updates …

Join us for a holiday of sun, sea and brass!  We aim to offer brass band musicians and supporters an outstanding musical experience, with the very best tutors and opportunities!  Located at University of Wales, Swansea, which overlooks the majestic panorama of Swansea Bay, all participants will be spoilt for choice both in the realm of music and holidaying options on offer.

For those of you unlucky not to have attended in the past, click the button below to find out what you can expect during a typical week’s programme, with us here at the IBBSS!


Naturally, the course is still held at Swansea University, but this year will be held at the Bay Campus rather than Singleton Campus.


Over the last 20 years, we have all enjoyed the Singleton and have seen it reinvent itself on numerous times, however on this occasion it is a building site and therefore we have the opportunity of going to the newer Bay Campus.

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The International Brass Band Summer School

2 months 2 weeks ago

Wishing everyone a harmonious New Year and we can’t wait to see you in 2023! Enjoy a note from our Team to yours! #IBBSS2023 #HNY

The International Brass Band Summer School

3 months 2 days ago

Give yourself a treat this Christmas and book onto IBBSS 2023! Only 225 days until the fun begins down in Swansea! #IBBSS2023 #Countdown #BrassBand

The International Brass Band Summer School

5 months 3 weeks ago

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The International Brass Band Summer School

7 months 2 weeks ago

Final day video diary! ☀️🌊🎺 #ibbss2022 #genevagroup #bestsummerschoolever #swansea #brassband #summer #sunseaandbrass